Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dress your legs

Various exams and a whirlwind of rushing a portfolio together have zapped all my creativity in recent weeks - too much alcohol does not equal an inspired mind either.  These geniuses who write all their best music (eg Bowie) or paint all their best work (eg Van Gogh) whilst out their faces are taking hallucinogenic drugs rather than cava from Asda which just  makes you cackle and speak rubbish.

In the vaguely fashiony sections of various newspapers and magazines I keep reading that leggings are over. Most recently Jameela Jamil - of T4 "fame" - said in Company magazine that leggings should be ditched forever.  My experience of my legs are of bulky calves and goose pimples in the cold north east wind and even though a bit of leg in the summer nights or on the very few really hot days is ace I really don't enjoy sitting in an office or the uni library with shivering legs.  On a sunny day in the prison years I once wore a dress with no tights and no leggings and was scarred for life.  Never show large amounts of skin in a prison - there is constant surveillance and nothing goes unnoticed.   Try not to trip up at any point too because again this will be documented and you will get laughed at.  It's like Big Brother which by the way is surprisingly fun this time!  God knows why they waited until the last series to make it good.

What I'm getting at, in a crap round about way because my blogging needs oiled up again, is that I like leggings.  They provide a safety net for the days when it's a bit nippy, tights are too much and your jeans feel a bit uncomfortable.  I really, really like all the gorgeous prints leggings come in nowadays too.  A few years ago I despised them but now I don't care.  They also love leggings in the Scandinavian countries which are my hero countries.  I read this article by Jess Cartner-Morley in the Guardian this morning and it summed up dressing your legs.

Jess and leggings = looks good!

Another use for cycling shorts?  £10 from Topshop under a dress/tunic still shows some leg.  Maybe just maybe.

Diane Kruger is a fan of the legging.  Shown by various paparazzi pictures of the German actress.  She looks fresh despite leggings having been around since the 1980s.

This is a perfect laid back outfit.  And I enjoy the chunky cardigan a lot.

Red carpet Miss Kruger sans leggings.

In Inglorious Bastards - this woman also looks amazing on film.

Just a quick note.  The wags of the English football team are not in South Africa for the World Cup tournament.  They were blamed for England failing to win the World Cup in 2006 due to their media hogging, champagne drinking, shopping fuelled  bad behaviour and were allegedly banned from this competition by Capello.  On the BBC Breakfast news this morning it was insinuated that the reason England are playing so badly in South Africa is because the wags were banned and are not able to provide their husbands/boyfriends with the support they need.  HA!   Make up your mind English media and stop making excuses!

The WAGS in Baden Baden, 2006 - the prime time for the wag culture.  

Cheryl, Coleen and Posh looking not posh at all!

Posh is apparently now a 'fashion icon and designer'.  Whatever she is she still desperately needs a meal of some sort, she looks like she hasn't eaten since 2006.  A packet of crisps would do.

Victoria wearing one of  her designs and Cheryl now a retired wag after ditching Ashley.  Urgh that image of him in his pants is disgusting.

My favourite wag, Coleen Rooney.  Unashamedly big hair, big earrings and big tan.  Why try and be something your not, just be a proper wag!  You listening Victoria?

New wag on the block?  Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard.  Elen Rives was ditched and the Irish One Show presenter was drafted in.