Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dress your legs

Various exams and a whirlwind of rushing a portfolio together have zapped all my creativity in recent weeks - too much alcohol does not equal an inspired mind either.  These geniuses who write all their best music (eg Bowie) or paint all their best work (eg Van Gogh) whilst out their faces are taking hallucinogenic drugs rather than cava from Asda which just  makes you cackle and speak rubbish.

In the vaguely fashiony sections of various newspapers and magazines I keep reading that leggings are over. Most recently Jameela Jamil - of T4 "fame" - said in Company magazine that leggings should be ditched forever.  My experience of my legs are of bulky calves and goose pimples in the cold north east wind and even though a bit of leg in the summer nights or on the very few really hot days is ace I really don't enjoy sitting in an office or the uni library with shivering legs.  On a sunny day in the prison years I once wore a dress with no tights and no leggings and was scarred for life.  Never show large amounts of skin in a prison - there is constant surveillance and nothing goes unnoticed.   Try not to trip up at any point too because again this will be documented and you will get laughed at.  It's like Big Brother which by the way is surprisingly fun this time!  God knows why they waited until the last series to make it good.

What I'm getting at, in a crap round about way because my blogging needs oiled up again, is that I like leggings.  They provide a safety net for the days when it's a bit nippy, tights are too much and your jeans feel a bit uncomfortable.  I really, really like all the gorgeous prints leggings come in nowadays too.  A few years ago I despised them but now I don't care.  They also love leggings in the Scandinavian countries which are my hero countries.  I read this article by Jess Cartner-Morley in the Guardian this morning and it summed up dressing your legs.

Jess and leggings = looks good!

Another use for cycling shorts?  £10 from Topshop under a dress/tunic still shows some leg.  Maybe just maybe.

Diane Kruger is a fan of the legging.  Shown by various paparazzi pictures of the German actress.  She looks fresh despite leggings having been around since the 1980s.

This is a perfect laid back outfit.  And I enjoy the chunky cardigan a lot.

Red carpet Miss Kruger sans leggings.

In Inglorious Bastards - this woman also looks amazing on film.

Just a quick note.  The wags of the English football team are not in South Africa for the World Cup tournament.  They were blamed for England failing to win the World Cup in 2006 due to their media hogging, champagne drinking, shopping fuelled  bad behaviour and were allegedly banned from this competition by Capello.  On the BBC Breakfast news this morning it was insinuated that the reason England are playing so badly in South Africa is because the wags were banned and are not able to provide their husbands/boyfriends with the support they need.  HA!   Make up your mind English media and stop making excuses!

The WAGS in Baden Baden, 2006 - the prime time for the wag culture.  

Cheryl, Coleen and Posh looking not posh at all!

Posh is apparently now a 'fashion icon and designer'.  Whatever she is she still desperately needs a meal of some sort, she looks like she hasn't eaten since 2006.  A packet of crisps would do.

Victoria wearing one of  her designs and Cheryl now a retired wag after ditching Ashley.  Urgh that image of him in his pants is disgusting.

My favourite wag, Coleen Rooney.  Unashamedly big hair, big earrings and big tan.  Why try and be something your not, just be a proper wag!  You listening Victoria?

New wag on the block?  Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard.  Elen Rives was ditched and the Irish One Show presenter was drafted in.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Dreaming of Coachella this week as the American festival is taking place and probably ending very soon.  Some heat would be nice since Glasgow seems to have experienced it's summer (last weekend) and it's been and gone.  Mark and I could see our breath this morning as we walked to get a Sunday fry-up.  This weekend we managed to watch Psycho at the GFT which was brilliant and with a good turn out to top it off.  Two horrors two weekends in a row, I feel a trend coming on.  

We also managed to take a disasterous trip to a bar called Hummingbird on Bath Street.  It was Saturday night and we were starving after a 6pm cinema showing.  We ordered a sushi platter for £8.50 and yes, in hindsight, it is a bit stupid to order specialised Japanese grub from a posh pub but anything sushi related and we're sold.  Anyway the food came and it was a measly portion of five tiny slabs of badly put together rice and cucumber maybe?  I couldn't taste anything fish like so I'm guessing there was a slither of a vegetable in there.  £8.50?!  We (rather Mark) commented to a worker there that it was a tiny portion for the price who replied that it was definitely tiny.  It would have been nice for her to tell us when we ordered with our crappy Aberdonian ignorance.  Actually it is criminal that she didn't tell us.  You live and you learn. 

On a more positive note we visited the Made in The Shade Spring Jamboree at the Lighthouse on Saturday afternoon.  Great for a rake and certainly the most stylish folk in Glasgow were there.  I felt we should have dressed for the fifties.  Also, the stereo was blaring fifties tunes including some Elvis which was lovely. 

The Glasgow Boys exhibition at the Kelvingrove museum is well worth a visit.  As is the transport museum but as it's the last day today there won't be a chance to see it until it has relocated to it's new home.  
The next Springtime Jamboree is in Edinburgh on Saturday 15th May. Click here for more details.

Bye bye transport museum for now...

The Coachella line up.  Would have been fun.

These Urban Outfitters bags have been catching my eye recently.  But obviously I can't afford to buy any of them.  I don't think I would really pay £215 for a bum bag.  This is true by the way, the bum bag you see is £215.  That is the craziest thing to come across in a high street shop.  I remember I had a disgusting purple and grey bum bag when I was wee.  They really are pretty good for carrying things around in.  I bet they're great for festivals.


Multicoloured bum bag for  80s wannabes with money to spare.

This satchel is dreamy.  But costs an arm and a leg but not as much as a bum(bag). £108 to be exact.

In other relevant news, up there with the popularity surge of Nick Clegg (has everyone gone mad?) Jaime Winstone, daughter of Roy, is setting off on a road trip across the Mojave desert in America to Las Vegas.  The theme is apparently Alabama in True Romance.  Their soundtrack will be the Big Pink, the Slits, Hendrix and Wham, so Style magazine tells me.  This sounds like a fun trip.  I notice a few similarities between the two.  Mainly the blonde rough bob and strong lipstick and fun fashion choices.  This makes me like Jaime as Alabama is ace.

Jaime Winstone

Clarence and Alabama AKA Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. 
Leopard love.

Match your shades to your bra and your earings and who needs a top?

FINALLY I've come to the end of a daft blog update.   I noticed this photo of Selma Blair at a recent do and isn't she looking great?  I love her hair.  If anyone knows of any cheap but decent hairdressers in Glasgow please let me know.  Would be quite nice to have a wee cut before I head to a wedding on 1st of May!

Jaime's road trip soundtrack:

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Yesterday I explored the west end of Glasgow as it was blazing sunshine.  The grey urbanised squirrels in Kelvingrove Park are bold as anything and one placed itself right in front of a toddler's buggy and studied the child's face.  It was really funny to watch.  Ashton Lane feels like it's a music festival on sunny days and reeks of beer and fake tan and big groups of mates.  

Birds will be the animals du jour for summer.  So if you're not a fan of our winged friends in real life wear them printed on your clothes.  

Swallow kirbys from Topshop.
Swallow studs from Miss Selfridge.

Swallow crop top from Topshop

Bracelet from Miss Selfridge.

Bird printed tea dress from Oasis.

Bird printed dress from New Look.

Yesterday Cape Fear was being shown at the Grosvenor cinema on Ashton Lane.  The 1991 Scorcese re-make has turned into a classic horror thriller and the score makes it unforgettable.  De Niro is outstanding as always.  I hope I never run into Max Cady.  

The pitfalls and the loopholes of the legal system. Truth and Justice.

A babyfaced Juliette Lewis is brilliant in it.  She should never have started singing.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Leopard on leopard

WOW! ASOS is having a mid-season sale with lots of lovely things up for grabs.  Living a short walk away from Glasgow city centre is very cruel so I've fuelled my shopping demons by looking through the ASOS sale online.  There's a lot of nice things.  Here's my picks:

A personal favourite of mine are these leopard print L'Autre booties reduced from £340 to £136.  Big discount but still not cheap.

And layering leopard on leopard is the way to go.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Glasgow bound

I have temporarily relocated to Glasgow and it has rained cats and dogs the whole time.  Luckily that's just a day so fingers crossed for some waterless skies.  With the disorientation comes sausage dogs in Nintendo Gameboy suits.  This really makes me want a sausage dog and also a Gameboy.  There is also a red Mario outfit, a green Luigi one and Princess Peach.  Click here for more Urban Puppy information.    

From one ridiculous animal to another here is Darius the 3 and a half stone bunny.  Read more about him here.   

And a paedo looking bear on a cake?!  I'm unsure what's going on here but it certainly looks suspicious.

On a more civilised note I am Loving the look of these flat boots from Penelope and Coco's Spring line.  Lots of studs and laces.  My feet are definitely not ready for open toed anything and the weather is not permitting anyway.