Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Glasgow bound

I have temporarily relocated to Glasgow and it has rained cats and dogs the whole time.  Luckily that's just a day so fingers crossed for some waterless skies.  With the disorientation comes sausage dogs in Nintendo Gameboy suits.  This really makes me want a sausage dog and also a Gameboy.  There is also a red Mario outfit, a green Luigi one and Princess Peach.  Click here for more Urban Puppy information.    

From one ridiculous animal to another here is Darius the 3 and a half stone bunny.  Read more about him here.   

And a paedo looking bear on a cake?!  I'm unsure what's going on here but it certainly looks suspicious.

On a more civilised note I am Loving the look of these flat boots from Penelope and Coco's Spring line.  Lots of studs and laces.  My feet are definitely not ready for open toed anything and the weather is not permitting anyway. 


  1. The child and rabbit look on the same scale as Dee Dee and your dad in that picture. It's 11:02 and I'm still awake...hardcore.