Sunday, 11 April 2010


Yesterday I explored the west end of Glasgow as it was blazing sunshine.  The grey urbanised squirrels in Kelvingrove Park are bold as anything and one placed itself right in front of a toddler's buggy and studied the child's face.  It was really funny to watch.  Ashton Lane feels like it's a music festival on sunny days and reeks of beer and fake tan and big groups of mates.  

Birds will be the animals du jour for summer.  So if you're not a fan of our winged friends in real life wear them printed on your clothes.  

Swallow kirbys from Topshop.
Swallow studs from Miss Selfridge.

Swallow crop top from Topshop

Bracelet from Miss Selfridge.

Bird printed tea dress from Oasis.

Bird printed dress from New Look.

Yesterday Cape Fear was being shown at the Grosvenor cinema on Ashton Lane.  The 1991 Scorcese re-make has turned into a classic horror thriller and the score makes it unforgettable.  De Niro is outstanding as always.  I hope I never run into Max Cady.  

The pitfalls and the loopholes of the legal system. Truth and Justice.

A babyfaced Juliette Lewis is brilliant in it.  She should never have started singing.

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