Sunday, 12 April 2009

The eyes have it

So fake eyelashes are officially in again?  This doesn't surprise me, batting your eyelashes is still the best way to lure a man in it seems.  Since Cheryl Cole leaped on to our screens in The X Factor last year and became a National Phenomenon, Saint and all round Princess her groomed look including perfectly placed fake eyelashes captivated a nation delving deeper into economic depression.  As sales shot through the roof for fake eyelashes, Girls Aloud (or the puppeteers behind them most likely) have developed their own range. How you "design" eyelashes I'm not sure, they don't seem to be outlandish, kitch or colourful fake eyelashes - they are merely for batting and looking impossibly beautiful.  Or they are for Cheryl.  Girls Aloud got through 145 sets of fake eyelashes on their Tangled Up Tour, so these ones will no doubt come in handy for their heavy eyes.

Groomed to within an inch of their lives, is the order of the day for Girls Aloud, high maintenance and without a hair out of place.  This is also true of another star of the moment.  Step forward Lady Gaga.  It may be hard to tell what she really looks like under her stage props, make up and eyelashes.  But isn't that what pop stars should be about?  Stylish and fun and over done, there's something fearless that I love about her.

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