Sunday, 12 April 2009

Swingin 60s or bad taste?

The Boat That Rocked is the newest film from the British Director Richard Curtis.  Curtis has a good CV, he makes films for middle class folk and he makes them well.  His newest offering has a lot of good music in it - loosely based on Radio Caroline, the 1960s pirate radio phenomenon that went on to become the god awful Radio 1 we know today, it follows the story of Radio Rock and a band of DJs who are at odds with a strict Government who will not allow a liberal radio station on Britannia airwaves.

Afloat in the North sea in 1966, Radio Rock is set on a boat with very few rules, lots of sex and lots of laughs.  Rhys Ifans is a highlight as the egotistic Gavin.  With stars like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy (and his stylish black rimmed glasses he wears so well) it was a must for me to check out.  This film deserves a watch but there is a poor storyline where a great one should be, it's far too long and I felt myself cringe more than once whilst watching it.  However there are great laugh out loud moments too, if you go leave your serious head at home and take it for what it is - light, fluffy and daft, a great Easter watch.




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