Sunday, 12 April 2009

It's Blitz!

Karen O is the stylish singer of the American band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Onto their third album, It's Blitz! which infuses their individual style mixed with a 90s dance vibe, strong guitars and Karen O's sweet then slicing voice and lyrics.  It's a hit.  Their new single from this album, Zero is brilliant, it is at it's best turned up loud and on the radio.  This band are fresh air.  Watching them on Jools Holland live show was satisfying and with their female singer owning the stage and enjoying every moment of it, it's hard not to want to be in the band.  

An interview with Karen O in The Sunday Times Magazine reveals that she's half South Korean and half Polish, her mother was a fashion consultant and has always been baffled by her daughters unconventional style and she loves like there's no tomorrow.  Unconventional style it may be but wonderful style it definitely is!   Pictured above in the middle of her two bandmates and below, she oozes charisma, her great blunt pudding bowl haircut sets it all off.    

Leather, coloured tights, clashing prints, unusual tshirts, customising finds and red lipstick is a must for the Karen O look.  The best thing about real style icons in the public eye is you can take the inspiration you want from them then throw in a good dollop of yourself to come into your own style.

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