Thursday, 1 April 2010

Girls in Vogue

In the April issue of Vogue there was a feature with the It model of the moment Lara Stone.  Lara is Dutch and is engaged to David Walliams.  It is still unconfirmed what team Walliams is on but I presume if he goes through with the marriage then he's a lady's man rather than a lady boy.  Lara is considered curvy.  I'm guessing she's a size 8-10 which is slightly bigger than the average model nowadays.  

The western world's obsession with weight, be it over or under weight, is a weird issue on the face of it.  I mean we all need food to live but it seems as if consumerism has turned food or us into a monster.  There's far too much choice nowadays and if the supermarkets didn't have so much crap on the shelves we would all be healthier.  But nothing is changing any time soon.  

Watching Supersize v Superskinny on channel four on Tuesday night was an interesting experience due to the magazine style of the programme.  It featured the tiny girl who barely ate and the massive man who weighed 23 stone eating each other's weekly food menu (which is oddly compelling viewing) and a group of obese Americans lying around being fat (obviously they had to be from the states).  A group of anorexic people who battled with a shopping list as they couldn't face buying butter was again compelling but thinking back it was quite cruel really.  The least interesting part was that dark haired fringe woman who pops up on channel four constantly, usually to show teenagers close ups of genital warts in sex shows, who seemed to just wince and pull weird facials in an operating theatre where a breast reduction was going on.  They could have cut that out. (Get it?  Oh dear.)

The Lara snaps featured in Vogue, below, are gorgeous and I like her boobs.  And the hi-tops in the third photo.  Sportswear goes posh.

Elle France caused controversy in their April issue this year when they put the plus size model Tara Lynn on their cover and again in V Magazine recently she donned their pages wearing nothing but a slick of red lipstick.  There is definitely a back lash against skinny minnies but the cynical side of me think it's a bit of a gimmick and just because a few curves are in Vogue it doesn't mean bones are gone.  
Tara Lynn's photo shoot in French Elle.

British model Jourdan Dunn, below, is what the modeling industry is made up of and what we're used to: waifs.  As Kate Moss said recently, "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."  


  1. That Lara Stone scares me. Why does she look so angry all the time? Ah, it's because of Walliams is it?

  2. Yes probably. She looks FIERCE

  3. She does indeed.

    "cut that out"....oh Rachel....!