Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Exciting Times

So the Libertines are set to reform for the Leeds and Reading festival.  In fact they already have, click here for more details on a guerilla gig where they played Libertines favourites including Music When the Lights Go Out and Death on the Stairs.  Exciting stuff.  Carl has obviously got bored of being in a play with Sadie Frost.  Anyone would to be fair.

And in other exciting news ASOS is selling Care Bear suits.  Do a Lilly Allen and wear one with pride:

The all in one animal suits do look a bit like pyjamas although they'd be super hot to sleep in.  But with the return of snow maybe this isn't too severe a fashion choice for bed or in the street.

I never spend money on what I sleep in and tend to wear a big Tshirt.  Sometimes a Libertines one.  It's time to make more effort, ASOS has lots of lovely bedtime wear.  I especially love the Zebra top and leggings.

Wouldn't be the comfiest thing to sleep in but would certainly get someone into bed so that's a plus.

And after you had snared them in to bed, you can start getting out the zebra print.  

These Diesel silk bottoms look so comfy for lots of zzzzzzzzzzs.  I want to go PJ shopping.

If this video doesn't work, click the Libertines link above, it's on that page too :)

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  1. That Care Bear suit looks like it'd be the best thing to sleep in ever.