Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cold Times

There's only a few things getting me through the winter weather and they are all completely superficial. First is awards season. It's too exciting to see the outfits and they all lead up to the Oscars which take place on 7 March this year. My favourite BAFTA outfit this year was Carey Mulligan and not just because she's a winner. She is so cute it's impossible not to like her. The Vionnet dress would have been so wrong on someone bigger than a size six but she pulled it off like a pro. I really wanted to see 'An Education' the film she won a Bafta for. It was written by Nick Hornby who is one of my favourite British writers. Audrey Tautou also looked amazing in her sugar pink Lanvin dress. She always looks so French. Another personal favourite of mine was Jaime Winstone who looked a vision in Alexander McQueen. I love her style, it's so grown up but edgy and fun at the same time.

Carey, Audrey and Jaime above looking fabulous

The Brits last week were mixed. Music and fashion alike. Between Cheryl's terrible miming and Geri acting like she was still relevant today, it was a bit of a wishy-washy show. Highlights for me were Florence performing with Dizzee Rascal (obviously as she and he looked amazing) and Liam throwing Oasis's award in the crowd. He got a lot of stick for it but I thought it was quite funny in an altogether uneventful show.
Florence belts out and Dizzee looks suave @ The Brits last week

The second thing getting me through the-7 degrees weather in the morning (the car recorded this temperature this morning) is the coverage of London Fashion Week. Live streaming here, magazines dedicated to disecting the catwalks, the catwalks politics and who's wearing what on the front rows makes for good reading and watching.

The third thing getting me through is comfort food. Soup and bread has never tasted so good. Need more carbs to keep warm.
Cold times in Torry

Image sources: guardian dot com, times dot com, Claire Harkins dot com

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