Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Girl, you'll be a woman soon

Oh my goodness Barbie is taking over the world I think. It all started when I was looking through ASOS dreaming of buying this Tshirt. This Tshirt was designed by Kingdom of Style bloggers. It's an ace blog and an ace Tshirt. If anyone wants to gift me then this is the gift to do it with.

Anyway so I came across a page called Barbie Lounge and had to take a peek. Beautiful Barbies stood in a row like proper supermodels; white, brown and black skin, brunettes, blondes, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes. Barbie has gone upmarket. Barbie in a LBD (as in a little black dress, who knew Warehouse made such small sizes nowadays). I don't remember Barbie this way. I remember Barbie as trashy and I loved her this way. Has she grown into a woman? I had a collection of Barbies (and even a Sindy controversially) and spent hours giving them makeovers and dressing them up in any crazy clothes I could find.

Sometimes I would even cut my own clothes to try and make new designs for the dolls but I was given a telling off for this. They would be left naked for days as I had ruined all their bikinis and dresses. Cycling Sindy had bandy legs so I snipped her hair off and made her a boy. Their heads used to fall off constantly because I used to make them snog too much. This resulted in neckless dolls and bad super gluing incidents. Sometimes legs fell off too. Come to think about it, was I the mentally unstable child Sid from Toy Story?

I can't imagine the new breed of Barbie having to face the indignity that I put my dolls through. They dress better than I do and their hair is so glossy, what are they using? I reckon after a few glasses of wine these dolls are all over the place. Singing Karaoke, texting their ex boyfriends, bitching, pulling each others hair and stuffing chips and cheese down their gob on the way home. No Barbie is perfect.

The Barbie Lounge @ ASOS dot com you heard it here firstPaul's Boutique Loves Barbie Zebra Trim Padlock Bag; just one of the Barbie accessories on ASOS dot com. Yes that is actually the name of the bag, catchy don't you think? Would you carry this around?
This Barbie is too perfect, she needs a makeover from me...

Barbie as I remember her. Bleach blonde, orange, garish clothes and pure trash


  1. I had heaps of action men. I could have gave you one of them to save poor Sindy from having a sex change.

  2. Hehe, the bit about cycling Sindy made me giggle. I guess playing with them outside didn't really help their condition either! Barbie was always more of an indoor girl.
    I remember having the Barbie with the pink Jeep, she ended up in unimaginable car accidents after attempting to drive down stairs most of the time, and she didn't ever need an airbag or a seatbelt.

  3. I always wanted an action man! Haha Claire we were menaces! I always wanted the pink jeep too...used to spend hours pouring over the argos catalogue at the toys bit dreaming of having it all.

  4. "Their heads used to fall off constantly because I used to make them snog too much. This resulted in neckless dolls and bad super gluing incidents".. this was always a problem for me too! maybe barbies heads should be re-inforced!

  5. I hope someone gifts you it Rachel xx
    I was a Sindy doll all the way.

  6. This is really funny Rach, I was laughing when I was reading it. It's all so true though!! Every girl that had a Barbie dressed it up how they realyl wanted to be dressed!! I think your next piece should be dedicated to the Ken doll.......the first man I ever loved...

  7. Yes, Or maybe your not supposed to make your barbies snog so furiously gems! Haha

    Queen Michelle, I really hope so too. I will gift myself when I can budget it in accordingly!

    I know Laurz, it was so much fun making over your barbies. Don't even get me started on my other dolls, they were a mess!