Sunday, 28 February 2010


When did Rhianna get so fierce? I love her new song Rude Boy. It's pure filth and I've never had a girl crush on this pop star until now. I've always been more of a Beyonce girl myself but maybe it's time for a change.

Her video for Rude Boy is 80s-tastic with loads of colours and hip grinding. There would have to be some hip grinding considering the lyrics to this wee gem. I even spotted a Baby G watch, remember those?! I feel a revival of the Baby G coming up. The monochrome bodysuit she wears in the video is similar to one I saw the model/DJ (this means she probably does neither except not eat, smoke and look cool) Leigh Lezark wearing at Paris fashion week recently. Imagine being able to carry off something that looks like your about to go deep sea diving? Credit is due. I love her hair. Let's hear it for the girls! I can't stop thinking about Rhianna's quiff, it's the coolest quiff I've seen in a while.
Leigh Lezark in black and white


Poptastic Baby G. I didn't have one the first time round. I lusted after them madly but my mum wouldn't buy me one. My friend Julie had and I used to wear it sometimes when I was round at hers. It was the pink one.

How catchy is this tune!!


  1. Ugh, well I guess that song completely polarises people! I can't stand it, it's so boring and repetitive! Wasn't a fan of Baby Gs either. I do like the zebra and the quiff though.

  2. Haha it must be a marmite thing dude! I'm obsessed, I don't know what's happening to me. Yes the quiff is amazing :)

  3. I wasn't allowed a Baby G, they were too expensive apparently!! xx