Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday Market

The trend for minimalism is in full swing. I keep reading that it's because of the current economic climate (I love that phrase, it rolls off the tongue) and no one wants to flash their cash anymore. Although it's probably just to compensate for the amount of sequins, power shoulders and fashionable but unflattering trousers that reigned in the fashion parade last year. There's still a bit of glamour of course and there's still lots of shoulder details but the sequins had an overload moment in Christmas 2009 when every second person I saw had a sequin jacket on. One person I spotted on a Christmas night out even had a sequin jacket and sequin harem trousers on at the same time and this made my eyes sore.

Pret-a-Portobello has just the right amount of tea dresses, nude dresses and clothes with animals on them. This appeals to me a lot because animals are clearly the best thing to have on your clothes. Items below are all from Pret-a-Portobello dot com. I don't work for them, it's not a PR stunt. I just enjoy the website.

Nude with lovely shouldersAn otter with glasses on? What's not to loveThis wrap tea dress looks dreamy and flattering
Still the glamour with this velvet bandeau dress. This one is reduced :)
Wow, a cat with a pirate eye patch on! I love the loose crop Tshirt style around just now, more flattering than you might think!I love this. Hurry up SummerHello sailor!
This looks so flattering and it's actually navy so a bit different to black

I loved Portobello Market when I went to London last summer for my birthday. A trip planned to London in December was unfortunately axed because of the snow. Between the threat of a British Airways strike and the weather it was doomed.

I was bought this gorgeous hair band from one of the stalls for my birthday (and Nelson Mandela's by the way) and as it's nude it goes with everything. There really is every stall under the planet there and it was fun to look through the second hand stalls for clothes and vinyls.

Busy Portobello Market last July
Tea on Market Day

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