Sunday, 21 February 2010

Year of the Tiger

I am super excited that it's the Chinese Year of the Tiger this year. Sunday February 14th was the start of the Chinese New Year and I celebrated with a delicious Wok Wok last Saturday night. Wok Wok in Crown Street in Aberdeen is the most delicious Chinese take-away I have ever eaten. The staff are lovely and the kitchen is always busy and clean. I would love to visit China one day, it's stooped in so much rich history and is such a complicated country, it absolutely fascinates me.

I was born in 1986 which makes me a Tiger. I can't believe that tigers are very nearly extinct, but it is really happening. For Christmas 2009, I was given an adopted polar bear as a gift as polar bears are nearly extinct too. It's getting too warm in the Arctic circle because of climate change and the snow and ice is melting. Another blizzard hit Aberdeen on Friday. I was sitting in a public affairs lecture and looked out the window. It looked surreal, a massive blanket of snow lay on the ground and fluffy snow drops furiously added to the blanket. I saw a little cream animal and for one moment I actually thought it was a baby polar bear. Had they migrated down to Aberdeen from Svalbard? No, of course not. It was a little dog jumping down the snowy hill.

Support animals in danger of extinction here.


  1. I went to the Chinese New Year celebrations in London today. The main festivities were pretty corporate though and at times felt like a mass advertising festival on behalf of Cathcay Airlines.

    Anyhow I eventually left the annoying family buggies, kids and tourists and went to a nearby Japanese restaurant and had lots of steaming hot gyoza instead. I know I should have went to a Chinese place but I like to be awkward.

    You should write for The Skinny btw.

    You're young enough!

    Danny x

  2. Sounds nice though. There's a new place that's just opened in the market across from the sushi place that sells chinese dumplings and pad thai! Sooz was telling me tonight, I'm so excited to try it :)

    I did do a few articles for them but got caught up in other things, it was a couple of years ago, I think I'm too old now haha! I rediscovered the long blondes today at the gym and was thinking when did I stop being 19?! You always get stuck in an age in your mind don't you.


  3. Oh looking back you're frozen in a 19 year old wonderland in my mind forever :)

    The Skinny compares really well to anything I've read down here. Do they distribute it in Aberdeen now? x

  4. Yeah they do. They were supposed to be starting up an exclusively Aberdeen one but that never materialised. I can't imagine it would be too exciting! It would have to include the whole north east of Scotland, imagine one just on Aberdeen? That would be boring.

    Yeah I like reading it, it's a good read I feel!