Sunday, 21 February 2010

The sky's the limit

I love a great flat shoe. Flat shoes can be so boring to some people because they don't give you the height or the excitement or the bunions that a skyscraper heel can give. I like chunky heels but stilettos are a no-go for me. The S/S2010 catwalks mean that the high street will now start to churn out midi-heels. This excites me because I'm a sucker for a midi-heel. I have the best pair of midi Mary-Janes which are very Holly Golightly - sticking with The Breakfast at Tiffanys theme. Even though I'm not particularly tall, I enjoy wearing flats even when I'm out dancing. This is because when songs I love come on, I tend to lose all femininity and dance like a boy. This can't be done with high heels. It is hard though to find sexy flat shoes, without ending up looking like a librarian who has ended up on a night out. It's getting the balance right between boy-librarian-geek and sex bomb. It's a toughie in flats.

I did find a sexy pair of flats though in Topshop. Almost like a shoe boot with a cuban heel. How excited was I to find these beauties? Pretty excited. And since I could almost justify it, I bought them. I can't find them online but I found them in the Aberdeen Topshop store just off Market Street.
Worn with silver socks from Warehouse and very old blue jeans.

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