Monday, 8 March 2010

All play no work

Playsuits, body suits, jumpsuits, all-in-ones, romper suits, whatever you want to call them are everywhere right now. To start with I thought I would never wear anything which resembled what I used to wear when I was two years old. But of course like skinny jeans and faux fur, fashion (nearly) always wins. I'm never going to wear real fur though Anna Wintour.

Playsuits do pose a problem though. The problem is peeing. It's quite awkward taking off your whole playsuit to pee especially if it's a bit complicated, buttons are not your best friend after a couple of drinks. Leotard type all-in-ones solve this problem with little poppers in the crotch area which can be undone. I suppose there's pros and cons to the playsuit. There's no doubt they look gorgeous on so who cares if you spend half an hour on a bathroom trip trying to sort your outfit out.

Lace body suit. Look it's a thong! I would expect nothing less from American Apparel.

Cute '40s style playsuit: H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams.
Accessorize playsuit. Looks super comfy.

More American Apparel all-in-one. I really like the scooped back.
This jumpsuit looks super luxurious. It's from Reiss, it's called the Jagger. Nice.

The Jagger jumpsuit.

In other news...

Gossip Girl is back on our TV screens on the 10th March. Yippee!!

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