Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Save BBC 6music and Asian Network

As you will see from one of my first posts all those months ago I love BBC 6music with all my heart. Please sign the petition to save it and the Asian Network. Digital radio will never be the same if these stations are gone. I listened to it in places I've worked all over Aberdeen and it was an integral part of the prison regime. You understand I wasn't incarcerated, I just worked there. And now it helps as a study aid and is the soundtrack to my morning (with the BBC news on mute - need to keep up with the headlines).

To cut these stations would be unacceptable, we are the license players so let's use our voice!

Sign the petition here and tell your friends and lovers to sign up too!


  1. Nice one! (I love how you clarify that you weren't incarcerated!!)
    Also, I just read that first post you did about it, gooood post. Like how you put the pic of the Roberts in. Have wanted one of those for aaages! If 6 Music gets saved, I'm gonna get one!

  2. Signed! They can reduce that fat mouthed Chris Moyles' salary before they get rid of these stations!

  3. I know, Chris Moyles does my head in!

    Oh Claire I know, aren't they beautiful? When I have funds I'm getting one, I want a digital radio in every room of my house! But only if I can listen to 6music on it! At my old work in Hilton me and Ronnie would sometimes listen to The Asian Network too, we liked to listen to new things :)