Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Crop is Top

This afternoon whilst trying to string an essay today in boredom I pretend shopped.  This is when you don't have the money to actually shop but still scour online websites and fill up your pretend shopping basket.  It's like foreplay without going the whole way you see.  

What I gathered was that Topshop is top of the crops.  Their designers are really on the money at the moment - especially on their tops and more specifically crop tops.  I think they look great with high waisted shorts or skirts or layered over a dress.   

Beach loving anyone?  It's £16.  This makes me want an ice-cream, a pair of shades and Hawaiian Tropic oil.  It's bad to burn but I only found this out a couple of years ago so I'm passed learning.  You always look better with a tan.

Heart scallop crop. Very pretty and £25.

These Topshop shorts make a nice change from a skirt.

Maggie Gyllenhaal stepped out last night in London for the premiere of Nanny Macphee The Big Bang, which incidentally looks like a scream, in a little black dress.  Keeping it simple is good but haven't we seen enough black over the winter?  Over christmas every dress around was black.  I like to see some colour.  The dress she wore at the Oscars recently was beautiful.

The dress is from the Vionnet AW10 collection.  Fashion forward but it's a bit creased Maggie, did you wear it on the flight?

Kate Moss last night (remember she had her red lippy on and got a whole blog dedicated to it?) wore all black.  Get some colour on you girls, it will brighten up your complexion a treat!  Also what is with the see through top and no bra Moss?  

Although LBDs are fail safe, I'll probably have a wardrobe malfunction and wear one at the weekend!  A nice alternative would be a LWD or a LCD.  That's not drugs folks don't get too excited. It's white or cream little dresses.  That's enough excitement for a Wednesday night.

This one from Oasis (above) is amazing!  It may not be to everyone's taste but I personally think it would look great on.  And it's in the sale.

Wow this is a pretty sophisticated dress.  You would feel like a grown up with it on.

I can't get this Dead Weather song out my head since I heard it on the radio the other day.  It sounds best played LOUD.

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