Friday, 5 March 2010

Two Cherry Bombs

I have never seen Twilight. I do not see the fuss about Robert whatshisname, I know a lot of women do but unfortunately to me he just looks like an eager geography student. Kristin Stewart on the other hand has the charisma of an actress. I can say this because I haven't even seen her in a film and yet when I see a photo of her in a magazine or watch an interview of her snarling she oozes attitude.

She is about to star in the film called Runaways with Dakota Fanning. Yes Dakota Fanning, the weird woman-child best known for her part in Friends. She's been in other things but this is probably the best screen time she's got under her belt. We've all seen it about 50 times and we love Joey a lot. The Runaways follows Kristen who stars as Joan Jett and Dakota as her bandmate Cherie Currie in their all female band in a male dominated industry in the 1970s.

I don't know much about The Runaways or Joan Jett for that matter but I think I might actually go to see if Kristen can act as well as I presume she can. Kristen and Dakota sing in the movie for their roles which makes me ask the question I ponder everytime I watch a film based on some sort of musical story like Walk The Line (Johnny Cash) and Control (Joy Division) Chicago, Moulin Rouge etc etc; why can all actors and actresses sing? Do they have some sort of chip in them that automatically makes them be all round great entertainers? It doesn't work the other way round you see, remember Crossroads? Britney's teen flick? I loved it because I'm not fussy but her acting was TERRIBLE. Madonna is another offender.

Dakota and Kristen as Cherie Currie and Joan Jett from The Runaways. They are trying sooooo hard to get away from their squeaky clean images. Dakota will never beat Friends fame through.

Joan Jett circa 1970s. I think.
Big hair for Joan Jett
Kristen looking suitably Joan Jettish, complete with rock star bags under her eyes. She definitely does not want to go down the polished Hollywood look. She looks happiest in pared down clothes.

Although she looks red carpet hot in Proenza Schouler complete with her unimpressed look. Your on a red carpet Kristen! Cheer up Charlie! This is the attitude I was telling you about.

She definitely doesn't feel too comfortable in this girly bandeau dress. This is a girl who is definitely more comfortable in jeans and a tee.

I love this. The bright coral is perfect for her and the lips look ace. She looks a bit more chuffed with life too.

Mr and Mrs Twilight. Teaming a leather jacket with a tweed dress is definitely more her style

I'm looking forward to watching Kristen's acting debut (in my eyes) Will she pull it off?

Let's not beat about the bush. Dakota's greatest moment.

Image sources: Marie Claire dot com

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