Tuesday, 16 March 2010

East End Boy

Graeme Armour is a 29 year old fashion designer who grew up in Carmyle in the east end of Glasgow and on February 14th his A/W 10 designs sashayed down the runway in New York to applause from the critics.  His designs are quite gothic and as you can see he's really pushing the cycling shorts.  They could be a staple in your wardrobe soon girls!  What a Valentines gift for New York, as one fashion commentator said: "If he was the least well-known he won't be for long."

The Central Saint Martins graduate worked with Alexander McQueen on and off for three years and the influence of McQueen's edginess shows in his designs.  His innovative clothes are sought after by the stars too - Kate Bosworth, Cheryl Cole and the Gaga have all enquired about his designs.  I say the stars have enquired but I mean their stylists.  I can't imagine Cheryl getting on the blower to Armour's busy office to ask for the cut out leather dress with sheer detailing and of course the cycling shorts.  Not with all that Ashley drama in her life and if you believe the latest Heat Magazine, the war between her and Nadine, her fellow Girls Alouder.     

I read an interesting article about Armour in The Sunday Herald Magazine at the weekend.

Above: Kate Bosworth and the edgiest photo of Cheryl I could find.
Lady Gaga wears a pair of Armour's gold ruffled shorts in an up and coming video.  She wants some more of the Scot's designs.  Apparently she keeps nicking them without returning so she will probably get banned from borrowing.  Her telling off sounds a lot more glam than when I took Romeo and Juliet back late to the library in Torry Academy.

The muse: Yoko Ono, according to Armour: "East meets west, modern meets traditional".

The Designer himself.  Apparently his favourite tunes (in August 2009) included: Depeche Mode; Stripped, M.I.A; Birdflu and David Bowie; Starman.  There's your useless trivia for the week.

Above: The designs on the catwalk.  I love his use of textures and unusual combinations of textures.  Makes a big gothic impact.  Love a bit of glam gothic black in our lives.

This Kills song is a good song for a gothic Tuesday.

Image sources: Style dot com

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