Saturday, 27 March 2010


Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a brilliant film.  Our TV now has Skyplus AND movies and sport programmed into it so I was able to catch a bit of this movie which I used to watch continually on a tape in the old days.  Nostalgic days of taping off the telly.  Technology has advanced somewhat.  What was striking about watching the film this time round was Jessica Rabbit.  That cartoon character is seriously sexy. How can anyone make a cartoon look that good?!  That tiny waist and the heaving bust with the shapely backside.  It was definitely a man that drew her and he definitely satisfied a fantasy (as well as every other man's fantasy the world over).  

The forties fashion is also great in the film.  The suits and fedoras on the men are so sharp.  The nipped in waists are gorgeous on the girls and it's easy to see why present day fashion continually goes back to the forties for inspiration as the shapes are so flattering and timeless.  The film is also hilarious.  It was made in the eighties but it seems really ahead of it's time.  When can we live in a world where cartoons move among us?  Where a baby smokes a cigar in it's pram, slaps women's arses and reads a newspaper?  I wait for the day.  

That rabbit is a laugh and a half.  And Bob Hoskins is pretty good in it too!
Here you go boys.  A fedora to look sexy in.  From the appropriately named website Village Hats

These photos are beautiful.  They were in a 1944 issue of Life Magazine.  These girls were snapped passing through Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles.  It takes you back to classic Hollywood. Gorgeous :)

I love the girl on the right in the second photo.  She is wondering why her photo isn't being taken!

Forties today: I just bought this dress from Topshop yesterday for a wedding I'm going to soon.  It's really flattering.

Buttoned high waist skirt from River Island.  Channels the forties vibe.

From Miss Selfridge.  Ace colours and details.

The thirties

Public Enemies, the 1930s gangster film that came out last year has lots of great hats in it.  And it's an excuse to look at a photo of Johnny Depp.  Hats used to be worn constantly by people in previous decades where as they don't have the same presence nowadays.  Let's all wear hats with diction again, with attitude.

Brooding Depp.

An array of vintage suits on the men above and a cute cap on Miss Marion Cotillard.

A cloche.  They were all the rage for a period last year.  It culminated with Victoria Beckham wearing one, they became uncool again after that.

Coco Chanel in 1935.  Rarely seen without a hat.

A floppy wide brim or a flat cap.  Take your pick.

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