Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday Mish Mash

Green Heaven is an Aberdeen based company that sells lots of gorgeous bits and bobs such as hair accessories, jewellery, bags and badges. It reminds me of a wee sweetie shop because everything is so sweet. I want to know what's in the green and white goodie bag...

Jigsaw heart.
Badge overload. Where's Wally?
Even an I heart Aberdeen bag. I don't know who would buy this but you could wear it if you were feeling ironic I suppose?

I have something of a style crush on Leigh Lezark (aforementioned in a previous blog along with Rhianna) because she just keeps looking so chic in clothes which would look clumsy on anyone else. Another member of the 'I don't eat' club along with The Chung (this isn't confirmed obviously) she looks like a walking skeleton who hasn't slept or eaten in months. Heroin chic is back perhaps, last seen on Kate Moss in the 90s. If this look is in it's time for someone to drag me away from the easter egg aisles in the shop. It's too much! Pop into your local Marks and Spencer and you will be lost in a sugary world of chocolate ducks with summer hats on, rabbits in waistcoats, dark, milk or white chocolate eggs, lollipops, figurines, boxes of chocolate and chocolate boxes. If this doesn't make Leigh hungry, nothing will.

Feathers look so chic on Lezark.  The Big Bird look is one not many could pull off...

Gorgeous purple skirt.  Beautiful on skin and bones.

Sugary pink looks less cute with a fierce jacket and black accessories. Including her jet black hair.  This must make you blondes out there want to cross over to the dark side?

A fan of the purple look.

Ooh so pretty.

Lastly, after talking about David Bailey last week, I found an interview with him on the Guardian which is interesting if you get the chance watch it here if the you tube video doesn't work.


Image sources: Style dot com

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