Friday, 12 March 2010

SATC go to the Henhoose

Amy Winehouse has designed a clothing range for Fred Perry. Is this the same Amy Winehouse that hit a fan whilst performing at Glastonbury, walked about with blood all over herself and continually made the fact known that she was off her face on drugs? I thought she had died. But clearly not. Even though we haven't heard a peep from her singing in almost two years she is set to re brand herself as a clothes designer. It also coincides with the release of her new album later this year. The last time I remember seeing a photo of Winehouse was when she had escaped to the Carribean to do yoga all day and she still looked as mad as a hatter. Maybe this is why she was picked by the managers at Fred Perry HQ, it is a sports brand after all and yoga is the modern woman's sport. I think.

Apparently she was "very involved" in the design process. This is a phrase we hear a lot when PR people talk about celebrities in the design field. It means they have told the real designers their favourite colour or in the case of perfume, their favourite smell. So Amy's favourite colours are pink and black. The label has said there are some "dangerously short" pencil skirts and "punk inspired" capri pants. Prices range from £22 to £100. Other stars who have designed for the brand include Paul Weller, Terry Hall from The Specials and Damon Albarn. Is Amy the best female to design for Fred Perry?

Note to Andy Murray: I can't believe you ditched your cute Fred Perry tennis outfits for Adidas. You looked great in them!

A typical Fred Perry model. I think Amy will model the clothes she has "designed" herself.

She looks vaguely normal here. Nice maroon polo and some snazzy multicoloured braces.

Zombie attack Amy. This was clearly her glory years. I hope these fun days come back.

Another great snap of the Winehouse. She does wear a lot of the brand designs.

On another note, obviously anyone who enjoys a bit of fun is excited for Sex And The City 2 and I found some new photos from the movie! I cannot wait for the 28th of May. Seriously even boys enjoy the SATC girls, it's the best thing ever.

It's like when me and my friends hit the henhoose in Aberdeen! Everyone loves a bit of karaoke! SJP and co are so much fun.

Moroccan times for the girls. I want a cosmopolitan.

Samantha in a champagne dress. Kim Cattrall just looks amazing, what a figure!

And even CUTER! This must be Rose. Is it wrong that I feel this is all real? I love Charlotte and her family.

This is all getting too cutesy. I want some White Stripes for a Friday afternoon and since Kate Moss is the Vogue cover star for April we can watch her be sexy in action.


  1. Enjoyed this installment for a Friday afternoon Rachy.....I think Amy Winehouse needs a bath - gadz!!! They tried to make me got to rehab but I said no no no no!!! I think Mark Owen will be humming a similar tune!! xx

  2. Rach! I love your little blog, it's adorable.

    I'm really excited for SATC 2. Charlotte got her cupcake apron from Anthropologie. Love that shop!

    Take care sweetie! xx

  3. Oh thank you for the info Laura! Hope you're well xxx :)