Wednesday, 3 March 2010

There's a Blair!

I have a serious obsession with Gossip Girl. It's a guilty pleasure and I have no apologies for it. Whilst looking at Marie Claire dot com, I found new photos of the Gossip Girl cast filming the new season. I enjoy the upper east side fantasy that is Gossip Girl so here's a few of the new season photos complete with random facts from New York.

There's a few clothes I've seen recently that I've thought (and said out loud once or twice): "there's a Blair!" Pretty ridiculous I know but when you can't actually afford to buy clothes the next best thing is looking and analysing! And not that any of them need my fashion advice, I've still put a few of my suggestions here.

I like Blair with jeans on. Chuck Bass looks sharp as usual. I just wanted a new season photo of Chuck, it's been so long since he's been on my telly :)

Classic Blair AKA Leighton Meester: Lovely Coat and always tights. She was born in prison apparently. Her family are nuts. You would never guess this looking at this photo, Blair is so prim and proper.

This is a Blair dress from French Connection. I love how the stylist has really stuck to styles for all the characters. It's like how the Spice Girls had to stick to their persona! I always wanted to be Ginger Spice...

Jenny AKA Taylor Momsen: I can't believe this girl is 16 years old. I like her grungy style in GG and in real life. It really suits her. Her hair looks ace too.

I think Jenny would wear this dress. She's so skinny she would get away with all the lace crop tops going around at the moment. Grunge is fun. This dress is from Miss Selfridge.

Serena AKA Blake Lively: Blair is definitely my favourite because she's funnier. And she goes out with Chuck Bass. Serena was Chuck's brother in season 2. If Chuck Bass was my brother I would have broken the law. Shame on you for not doing that Serena.

This is a Serena dress from Miss Selfridge. She likes to get her boobs out a lot. If I had her boobs I would too though.

Vanessa AKA Jessica Szohr: They call her kooky and eccentric Vanessa but clearly she's more gorgeous than any of the characters. She is Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass's girlfriend in real life.

She would look very cute in this playsuit from ASOS. I love this playsuit, it looks like a really good fit. Vanessa in GG doesn't go anywhere without her big gypsy style hoop earings. I bet the stylist would style this playsuit up with them. I wish she would ditch them though.

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