Saturday, 20 March 2010

What Women Wear

In an article in The Guardian yesterday Imogen Fox made a very convincing argument that Sian Williams, BBC breakfast news presenter, should receive a tax rebate on her wardrobe.   Dressing for TV must be one of the hardest things to do and I have to admit I agreed with Fox.  You see for women it is much more difficult to get dressed in the morning let alone for a television programme watched by millions.  Most men have a uniform that they never stray far from, be it a suit with a selection of ties or jeans and a selection of Tshirts.  Most women on the other hand spend a lot more time thinking and putting together outfits because there's a lot more choices for women to consume in the shops.  There is more choice for men nowadays but a quick glance at the amount of clothes and shopping magazines aimed at women show that there is still that boy/girl divide on this.

As a woman you could literally be anything you want on any given day.  Topshop's collections at the moment include Body Armour, Club Tropicana, Festival Army and Saloon.  Just for the record the Club Tropicana look is: "New York's hip-hop street style is given a tropical spin with killer South American inspired prints." 

It got me thinking about how women who appear on TV are constantly judged by what they wear in one way or another, like the women below.       

Sian Williams on the BBC breakfast news sofa.  She does always seem to get it right.  I've never seen her clash with the sofa.  Yet. 

Bill Turnbull, her co-presenter, only has to change his tie.  Much easier for their 4am start.

Holly Willoughby received a lot of stick for daring to plunge her neckline on 'Dancing on Ice.  The show even received complaints from viewers!  Bet those viewers weren't men... If she had a smaller chest there would not have been half the fuss.

Davina was constantly ridiculed for her Big Brother Friday night outfits.  To be fair though this bin bag was not flattering.  The pressure must have been too much.

Danni and Cheryl's fashion face off every Saturday night on the X-factor got so many column inches.  Every week they were given a tick or a cross on their outfit choices.  It was reported they were even given clothing allowances to keep up the pantomime.

Where as Dermot O'Leary was perfect in a suit.  Every week.  Be more adventurous boys!

Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung are celebrated in the media for their quirky fashion choices which goes to show that it all depends on how you are perceived.  If they like you you can wear what you want.  If they don't, beware of the critics and their insulting mouths.

The Big Issue will launch it's first edition aimed at a younger audience in the form of The Wee Issue.  It will be distributed to schools in Scotland and was in fact put together by school children aging from 13 to 17.  If it's successful they hope the initiative will stretch to other parts of the UK too.  Pretty good idea I thought, I hope it's successful.

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