Friday, 26 March 2010

The Purple Party

Did you notice that the Labour party were fronting another colour other than red in the House of Commons on Wednesday?  Mr Darling wore it, as did Mr Brown.  It was purple.  Perhaps this was planned, perhaps it was a happy coincidence.  Perhaps they don't even support their own Party anymore.  Whatever the case there were a lot of varying purple ties and cardigans/blouses going on, on the green benches.  They were right on trend with the purple front, not sure about the budget.  We'll know the true budget following the election.  This is when the real cuts will happen and they will hit us hard.  And even more so if Cameron gets into Downing Street.  

Purple isn't a colour I've really ever worn but there's tons of purple on the high street.  It only took Alistair Darling and his budget for me to notice.    
The Labour Party benches

All of the above is from ASOS.  Gorgeous purpleness!!  Love the brogue heels.
This clutch is from Accessorize

Topshop!  Love the summer dress.  Don't think I'm brave enough for underwear as outerwear but I enjoy the lilacness of it! 

Anyone else glad it's FRIDAY!  Simian Mobile Disco at the Forum tomorrow, see you there.

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