Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lady in Red

Kate Moss, is that you?  In red lipstick?  There's a first for everything!  The usual smokey eyed feline Kate was snapped last night at the W Doha hotel's first birthday celebrations.  It is seriously EVERYONE'S birthday this week!  Moss never pays attention to her lips, it's all about the eyes for her so she must have been trying to get someone's attention.  Red lipstick is the ultimate lip colour to lure a man.  Red is sexy.  Pink is cute.  Rob Brydon was there, maybe it was him?  

It's exciting to try a new lippy but some people look amazing in red lipstick and others don't.  Kate is in the latter category, although she always looks good.  I'm yet to brave a red properly - I've only tried on halloween.    

Kate matches her lippy to her clutch.  Someone needs to tell her to get her roots done.  I love saying this about one of the worlds' highest paid models.  

Gwen Stefani always suits red lipstick, in fact I think it's her natural colour.  Aparently she even wears it at the gym.

Gwen and Sienna are the ultimate inspiration for a red lip!

Sienna looks brilliant with a red lip.  And a red dress for that matter.

Viva Glam lipstick by MAC.  This is described as an intense brownish blue-red.  How do those three colours mix to make that lipstick?  I wasn't paying attention in art.  I want to try it anyway...

Another lipstick hero: Eva Mendes and her enviable olive skin tone and deep brown eyes suit the coral nude she has on here.  

 A lipstick NO NO: Why does Lindsay Lohan look so awful just now?  Now really Lindsay.  Mean Girls is such a great film, so is the remake of Freaky Friday you did. (Any other suggestions of good Lohan films?) What has happened to you?  And that Alan Carr interview you did was cringey.

These two  MAC lipsticks look really nice.  The first is Victorian, a smooth coral and the second is the Viva Glam Gaga one.  Gaga is everywhere.  Even on your lips.

I wore a bright pink MAC lipstick called Girl About Town in this picture on the left (I'm with my friend Lauren) but really must try some more colours!  This is the last time I wore a bright lipstick actually. I love the texture of MAC lipsticks even though they are a bit more expensive.

Click here to see a bit of the Lindsay Lohan Alan Carr interview, it really is funny!


  1. another quality Lohan film.. The Parent Trap (the remake) but i know, what has happened to her?! dear OH dear!

  2. Oh my god Gem I love that film! She's a mess nowadays, ruddy child stars eh!