Sunday, 21 March 2010

Let's all go to the Jersey Shores

A new MTV show is arriving on our shores today.  Jersey Shores follows a vain sex obsessed group of twenty-something Italian Americans who are bunged up in a beach house together over the summer.  Reality TV has reached new heights! (or lows - we'll find out after tonight's episode.) Whatever the case I'm slightly fascinated and might need to sky plus the series.   

I was an avid fan of the Sopranos so much so that I used to have pictures of the whole cast on my wall and following a holiday to Italy, I made a massive poster with ITALIA on it and hung it above my bed.  Obviously this show will be nothing like the Sopranos but there's something about the stereotypical Italian-American which I just love.  The loud clothing, the confidence, the mafia.  Ok, I've been watching too much Godfather. Perhaps this reality show will bare the truth.  Or at the least we'll see a lot of bare torsos.  Those guys spend a lot of time at the gym.

I would rather watch this lot than the spoilt awful people that populate another MTV reality show: The Hills.  At least it looks fun...

Here's the crew. The girl in the blue bikini is apparently a maneater.  And she looks it.

Woah.  These boys are full of themselves.  And pumped to the brim with creatine, protein shakes and steroids. Probably.

How great are these tattoos?  I knew I should have got a MASSIVE cross on my bicep.

Cleavage and legs: get them both out any way you can.  Even rip your jeans to reveal tanned pins.

Tony Soprano with Adrianna played by Drea De Matteo now in Desperate Housewives.  Adrianna is the ultimate Italian-American sex kitten. If you watched The Sopranos you'll understand.

Versace's Spring/Summer 10 collection is right up the Jersey Shore girls' street.  High hemlines and lots of boob baring.  The colours are absolutely everywhere just now.  Last night I wore my (fake) leather jacket for the first time and was almost too hot in it.  Summer is just around the corner.

Donatella Versace the ultimate Barbie.  Her designs wouldn't look out of a place on Barbie.

More pastel and beautifully made mini-dresses.

Glam glam glam.  Versace always loves a proper plunging neckline.

I love this dress and platforms.

Image sources: MTV dot com, Style dot com

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