Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mods and Art

My friend Claire sent me the link to a fun and interactive website filled with ModCloth goodies.   Founded by an American couple in 2002 they seem to have built quite a fan base with ModCloth and no wonder judging by the apparel and accessories they sell.  I had a good rake and picked out a lot of things I would love to wear but unfortunately a few bits were already sold out - so if you like something you have to get in there fast!  They sell a mix of second hand goods and vintage inspired items.

The thing that appeals to me most about the ModCloth couple is their dog.  In the 'About us' section on the website there is a link where you can click on to their 'Mod story scrap book' complete with fake computer pages ( I was enamoured with this recently when I found this fake page idea on an ASOS online magazine) and you get to look through some words and pictures which convey the story of the couple and the birth of ModCloth.  Go and have a look if you get the chance, their dog, a wee pug, is absolutely adorable.  He's called Winston.  The scrap book has got me wondering if this couple ever argue though, their life looks perfect.  Surely after being together since high school (we'll keep with the American speak) and working together they're sick of the sight of each other.  On the other hand if your dog looked as cute as that there would be nothing to fight about. :)

Gorgeous green grecian dress 
I love yellow. This dress reminds me of something Summer would wear in the film '500 days of Summer'.  She's played by Zooey Deschanel who I adore since her turn in Almost Famous as William's big sister.  
Love the stitching details on this.

Honey I shrunk the deer!  and Panda fold up bag.
Studded bangle.
Reindeer T-shirt.  The males dress up their antlers with leaves to attract female deers.  This is how they find a girlfriend.  This glam blouse could be worn with trousers or leggings.

Danish/Norwegian artist Nina Marie Kleivan has dressed up her baby as various dictators to illustrate how we all begin as a blank slate and who knows what we will become.  How controversial.  The series entitled Potency features her new born daughter and is causing quite a stir in the art world.  Kleivan asks us not to just laugh at her images (it is hysterical that she dressed her baby up as middle aged men though let alone dictators) but to also ponder where the evil comes from.  She says that no-one reacts to any picture expect that of the "mini Hitler".  She says: "Even though my generation doesn't speak out about the war, silently our cultural circle sees Hitler as evil incarnate."

Adolf Hitler complete with painted on face hair.  Kleivan says that her father was a member of the Norwegian resistance against the Nazis so she "has a right" to explore the subject.

Benito Mussolini. Creepy.

Saddam Hussein.  

What do you think?  There are more pictures on The Guardian dot com.

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  1. I'd be more offended if she dressed the baby as David Cameron.