Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Sorry, I've got Paris fever. Whilst looking at the French catwalk collections for A/W 2010, I came across the Lanvin catwalk action. What made me laugh was that Jared Leto was in the front row. Jared Leto of My So Called Life fame. Teen 90s television shows really were the best, I used to love Heartbreak High and Blossom. Not forgetting the Nickelodeon goodies like Sister Sister and Saved By the Bell (although these gems were only watched when my parents got cable to spice up our TV for a while). It's amazing to me that the 90s are now a retro decade. The programmes, the fashion, the music and even the technology is outdated now. Of course it's over a decade since the 90s existed but it still feels like five minutes ago.

Anyway Alber Elbaz designed lots of gorgeous clothes which draped upon the Lanvin models. I really like the structure of his designs and tribal inspired pieces. Elbaz was inspired by the city and his birthplace Africa which I think shows in his designs. I love the hair on his models. Fringe is in.

My So Called Life. Nostalgic for some good (or bad) old 90s programmes, combat trousers, strappy tops, two-tone hair and All Saints or The Spice Girls depending on what camp you were in.

Why has Jared Leto not aged a bit? I repeat, this man is still 18, I'm sure of it! His mohican marks his position as lead singer in some band. But he will always be Jordan from My So Called Life to me.

Ooh sexy shoes.
Fierce. And that's just her cheekbones.

As I said, fringe is in. And feathering apparently.

Full length and brown. It shouldn't work but it's gorgeous. There's lots of full length things on the catwalks just now, we may all be wearing maxi's in the Autumn.

Scary looking necklace and lots of eyeliner. You wouldn't mess with her.

We love an all-in-one. And nice gloves.

This nude dress is beautiful and the draping reminded me of one Holly Golightly wore below.

Fred baby.

A bit of colour, at last! Shoulders are still in then...

More nude. And there's that scary necklace again. It looks like some sort of weird animal's teeth. Hmm.

Image sources: Style dot com

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