Saturday, 6 March 2010

In like a lion, out like a lamb

I have been craving a Glasgow visit. It's a great city to explore and I have happy memories of every gig and every day/night out I've had there. One of the most memorable was with my friend Michelle. We had planned a road trip there to go and see the film Control based on Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Glasgow Film Theatre on Rose Street was our destination and on this particular Sunday it took us about five hours to reach Glasgow. It normally takes three from Aberdeen. This was because we took the wrong turn (or missed a turn I'm still not sure) and ended up driving through lots of small Scottish villages that none of us had ever heard of. Poor Michelle had to drive down nasty country roads so we were overjoyed to finally find a sign post for Glasgow.

When we got there we found that GFT was not showing Control on this Sunday. So we settled for the massive Cineworld beside the station. It was hardly the independent cinema we were excited for but you can only laugh at your luck or lack of it!

Urban Outfitters in Glasgow is a great shop for having a good rake in. I was looking at the website last night and noticed how spring-like everything is. This is exciting and I like the florals in the selection here. Like my Grandma always says; March is in like a lion and out like a lamb. Bring it on.

This floral blazer reminds me of a blazer that my friend Gemma has. Her's is a bit shorter and it is from River Island but I really love it on her. It's a great way of making an outfit really interesting.

Floral Blazer from the back.

This model is wearing the blazer with denim shorts, socks and wedges. I thought it looked a great outfit for Spring. In Aberdeen we tend to get our best weather in May.

Floral playsuit. Looks really comfy and easy to wear.

Playsuit from the back.
They even have floral lace ups! Very cute. But obviously don't wear all these florals together, one at a time will do. Imagine that, you would look like a garden!

Culottes. I hated culottes when I was younger. But with a tight top tucked in they look really nice and they are a good change from a skirt.

This shirred waist dress makes me think of Summer and being on holiday.

Love these tights. I think because they have a black base they would be much easier to wear than the other floral print tights.

Shades. I have too many pairs of shades but they never get boring.

All of the above is from Urban Outfitters. Someone take me to Glasgow now please!! And a few thousand quid wouldn't go a miss for a mammoth shopping trip. Remember, Glasgow has MAC too. And Wagamamas.




    I have missed my daily Penny Lane instalments while I've been away!

  2. Your cooking in Glasgow is like the best thing in the world! YUMMERS!x