Wednesday, 10 March 2010

An Icy Picnic

The Chanel 2010/11 Autumn Winter collection was shown in a maze of icebergs which Karl Lagerfield had transported from Scandinavia. He doesn't do anything by halves does he? The fur however was not real. As I love polar bears and all things furry this collection appealed to me a lot although as the collection becomes available at around the end of July I'm not sure this amount of cosyness will be a great need. It was needed last week though and ever since the 18 December when snow fell in Aberdeen and it remained freezing for months. Let's hope this collection marks the end of that cold snap. Until next winter anyway.

Alexa was in the front row and even though I had just put her in my 'nice but not worthy of much praise' category she goes and wears risque cycling shorts and carries a Chanel picnic basket. A picnic basket? I want to know what she has in the basket, cheese and tomato sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini quiche? Whatever she has in it I hope she munched it all as that girl looks like she needs a good meal the skinny minnie. How did she make cycling shorts look chic? Maybe after her picnic they wouldn't look so chic.

I want that picnic basket.

Classic monochrome and ladylike Chanel with an arctic twist.

Polar Bear but not as cute.

Retro dress.

David Walliams fiancee Lara Stone in a ladylike Chanel dress.

Bet it's a bit hot in there!
More wearable than other parts of the collection. Like the different textures.

Finally a bit of skin on show! Gorgeous dress.

The Ice Queen? Bride Chanel Chic

Simple cosy shapes.

Ice Ice baby. Love the backcombed hair on all the models.

Image Sources: Style dot com

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